To Create A More Cohesive And Responsible Industry By Putting In Place These Strategies:-

  1. To work together for mutual benefit and act as a co-ordinated body in dealing with other professional bodies, i.e. Architects, Engineers, Developers, Government Agencies, within the Building Industry itself. This will enable the swimming pool building industry to speak with a stronger voice.
  2. To improve the standard of the Industry and to encourage research and development of new materials, products and methods.
  3. To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and service to the client.
  4. To co-operate with and assist where possible, all levels of Government and relevant professional bodies in their dealings with the swimming pool industry and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  5. To act fairly and properly at all times towards fellow members of the association.
  6. To act in a professional and unbiased manner when called upon to advise, consult or take any action in relation to products, services or works on behalf of a client, Therefore, to always operate in a manner that will present the swimming pool industry in the best possible light.

A Body Acting As Representative Of The Industry

Members of that Body to include the leading pool builders, renovators, service companies/technicians and manufacturers, all of whom set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by setting standards of skill, workmanship and ethical business behaviour in the best interests of pool clients.

The goal is to have a credible Association acting on behalf of the responsible swimming pool builders of Malaysia. To achieve that goal, it is necessary to have clear cut guidelines as to the structure of the representative body (association), its methods and limits of operation and to include the make up of its personnel and the extent to which they may act on behalf of fellow Members,

All of this to be embodied in a Charter or "Constitution".