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MSPA Workshop 24-25th April 2014

Press Release by the Association President

21st April 2014

The Malaysian Swimming Pool Association “MSPA” was founded 2 years ago, following the aims of several long-standing pool builders to better present the Industry to Consumers, Architects, Main Contractors and Government Authorities.

The lively growth of Membership and the enthusiastic response from the industry, as well as related professional bodies in Malaysia, has encouraged us to push forward with our goals of increasing our Members skills & professionalism.

With this is mind, MSPA will be conducting the first of a series of workshops for swimming pool builders and service technicians, to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 24th & 25th April 2014, from 8.30am to 5.30pm. More than 60 from the Industry have enrolled in the Course.

This educational workshop will be carried out in collaboration with the Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance (SPASA) of NSW, Australia, such organisation being highly experienced in running multi-levelled and Government Accredited courses to the sizeable pool industry in Australia.

The Program will cover construction and service related topics for pools, spas and aquatic facilities, as well as the monitoring and assessment of water chemistry. SPASA is providing the Presenter (Trainer) Mr Manfred Wiesemes, who has been a prominent pool builder in Australia for several decades and is a past President and current Director of SPASA. Local business identities will speak in support.

It is believed that MSPA is one of the few specific swimming pool & spa building associations in Asia. Malaysia is a progressive, forward thinking country, with a sound economy and a climate conducive to an outdoor lifestyle, resulting in a strong demand for domestic pools and inclusion of innovative commercial pools in hotels, condominiums & resorts. There is potential for further significant growth in these areas.

In the future, MSPA aims to engage with pool builders in other S-E Asian countries, to encourage an exchange of construction and design technologies and perhaps the formation of similar organizations, forming valuable links. This would be another example of Malaysia’s entrepreneurial skills, leading the way in the region.